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The home of the OP-400 and OP-700 Olive Oil Press Processing Systems

We manufacture very high quality, made in the USA olive oil press mills that

processes your raw olives into healthy olive oil.



olive oil press precessing mill small do it yourself at home.

The OP-400 and OP-700 are small processing production machine olive

extraction press mills that are made out of all industrial high quality metals. Our first press systems include

everything needed to mill your olives at home or at the farm, into delicious home made

healthy olive oil. Food grade materials are used throughout

the cold press mill systems including: 304 stainless steel, 1060 high carbon steel framework that

has been powder coated with an industrial finish for years of trouble free use.

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olive  press processor mill system

We have been in the

manufacturing olive oil press

mills for 15+ years. We offer a

very high quality, low cost

olive oil processing first press

mill complete system that is in

stock and ready to ship free to

you daily. Order now to be

able to make your own olive

oil at home easily.



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We have a full warrantee on

our OP-400 and OP-700

olive oil cold press machine

mills. They are built

here in our Brentwood,

California manufacturing









olive oil production press

We manufacture a manual

first press olive oil system mill

that is a very high quality,

fully made in America olive

processing machine. No

imported junk here. We

test our products on our

own olives that we grow

here locally.






olive press  processing machine cold press




The mills are completely self contained cold first press units that mill the olives into a ground paste,

then the paste is mixed in our industrial mixer. After the olive paste is ready then is put into our propriety filter

system ready to be pressed in our Full Press custom hydraulic press to extract every last drop of oil out

of your precious olives. Perfect for the small olive grower. If you are tired of having to have thousands of

pounds of home grown olives to be able to take them to the large factory processing mill, then this is a perfect

solution for you. Great for the home grown hobby olive farmer or for testing out a small batch for pre-



Op 400 Olive Oil Mill



OP700m olive oil mill grinder


olive oil processing mill cold first press olive oil mill processing

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