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Why Choose Us?

At Olive Oil Mills.com , we have been using, designing and manufacturing olive oil press milling equipment for 9+ years.

We are located in Northern California. We offer an easy to use secure website for online ordering.

We grow our own olives in Brentwood, CA and test all of our equipment on them here at our our facility.

Our products are designed and built here in the USA and will ship to you.

We carry our full line of olive oil press mill products in our inventory and are ready to ship your order the same day ordered from

our 11000 square foot facility. These OP Olive Oil Press Mills will allow you to make healthy first cold press, home made olive oil. We ship world wide daily.

Many of our customers are located in far away places. If you can see this web page, then we can ship to you!

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We have a huge supply of steel that we use to produce our Olive Oil Press Mills here at our Brentwood, California factory.

We buy materials in such large quantities to help keep our costs to you down as low as possible.

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